It may be necessary to have your boat appraised for insurance or financing purposes. Also in case of disputes, bankruptcy, death, divorce or if you want to transfer the boat from business to private it is desirable to have a valuation report prepared by a certified independent appraiser. The purpose of the valuation is to determine the actual value of a boat. The condition of a boat is only assessed visually.

Expertiseburo Coers is a certified EMCI expert & taxateur and has a thorough knowledge of the market due to his large experience as a surveyor.

Expertiseburo Coers can value a boat on behalf of individuals, companies, banks, insurers or notaries. A valuation report made by Expertiseburo Coers consists of the fixed appraised value and the current value, as well as an extensive description and photographs of the boat, information on the VAT status and any (cadastral) registrations.

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