Pre-purchase surveys

The main purpose of having an inspection done is to know in advance what you are going to buy or sell. The asking price of a boat does not always correspond to the condition of the boat. With a pre-purchase inspection by a qualified expert you get certainty about the condition of your boat, a clear inspection report, tips and recommendations.

Expertiseburo Coers is specialized in the detailed inspection of recreational crafts of all types, sizes and classes. Based on a standard HISWA checklist, the condition of the ship is mapped out. The construction, technique, safety and the state of maintenance are carefully inspected. Your presence during an inspection is appreciated, so that during and after the inspection issues can be explained and clarified. A sea trial is also part of the inspection (except in extremely bad weather conditions). The duration of an inspection varies per ship, but the surveyor will never be in a hurry. A few days after the inspection you will receive a complete report in which the findings and/or recommendations are formulated point by point.

All parts of your boat are covered in the report:

  • The hull below the waterline
  • The hull above the waterline
  • The decks, superstructure and cockpit
  • Rigging
  • The interior
  • The technical installation
  • The liquid gas installation
  • The electrical installation
  • All equipment
  • The propulsion system(s), including sea trial
  • All safety and rescue equipment on board

Of course it is also possible to have a partial inspection carried out consisting of one or more of the above points.

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